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Attention Dealers,

Would you like to make money with little or No effort.

Let Easydealerz.com give you the professional edge you need to increase your profitability by marketing your products for you!

Simply drop off the items you want to sell and we will advertise them on the world’s largest superstore, eBay, where they can receive the greatest amount of exposure and provide you with unlimited profit potential
big camera
Most modern equipment available.
We use the latest computer and digital technology to professionally photograph each item at various angles, write descriptive text, catalog, upload to eBay servers, and ship the items when sold. We respond to e-mails from buyers throughout the auction process.

It’s simple, relaxing, and safe. You just sit back and watch the money come in!

A great way to reduce inventory of slow-moving or narrow interest merchandise to a national audience..

EasyDealerz offers two(2) different services to give your items the maximum sales potential on eBay:

NO COST, NO FEE Basic Service
No Prepayment

A 7-day listing with no reserve and $19.99 opening bid.
A "Gallery" photo to help your item stand out.
Multiple Other photos to show off item.

Premium Service
$19.99 Prepay

Includes Basic Service, plus:
You can set a higher opening bid than $19.99.
You have the option of selling your item quickly
with a fixed "Buy It Now" price.
You can set reserve price
(reserve price is the minimum price you would take for the item).
Premium Service prepay fee is credited towards EasyDealerz's commission if the item sells

You will get 60%to 70%based on your item's final sales price.

Our commission is 30% of final sales price.

Ebay fees are presently about $5.82 on a $100.00 final sale price.

Paypal payment processing fees are $0.30 plus 2.9% of the final selling price. This is $3.20 on a $100.00 Final sale price.

The buyer pays for shipping and handling.

An Example:

Final Sale Price
minus eBay fees
minus Paypal fee
minus easydealerz commision
Total due you

Additional Policies
If an item doesn't sell, we will return it to you or donate it to charity.
We accept returns on items for 10 days after the sale, only if the item does not meet the listing specs.

Ready to start selling?

Still have questions?
Call us at (951) 522-9600 or
send email to easydeal@easydealerz.com.


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