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Garage sales used to be the only way to cost-effectively sell all that unwanted stuff sitting in your closets.

However, who really wants to devote their weekend to putting up signs, setting up in the front yard, and arguing with strangers over price?
Today's online marketplace allows your goods to be seen by millions of shoppers who can compete for your items over the course of multiple days.
We take care of everything, and you're free to enjoy your weekend.

EasyDealerz offers an easy, inexpensive way to turn your unwanted items into cash.

EasyDealerz is Inland Empire's best eBay listing service. We make it incredibly simple to take advantage of eBay's unlimited selling power and get you paid for your stuff.
Just leave your items with us, and our professional staff will do the rest!
We handle everything involved with the eBay selling process including

  • Online appraisal research
  • Professional studio photography
  • Expert copwriting for description
  • Online customer service to handle Inquries
  • Professional packing and shipping
  • Expert payment processing
We use the tools of the pros to provide a highly-polished auction listing, complete with professional digital photographs and eBay upgrades to sell your items effectively. When the item sells, we send you the money. It is really that easy with EasyDealerz.

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