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EasyDealerz has an exciting new way for your
non-profit organization, school, or church to raise money!

EasyDealerz auction donations are a great way to raise money, complementing your current fundraising efforts. Best of all, there's no administrative work for your organization. We take care of everything.

Your local EasyDealerz team will evaluate the items, photograph, and list them for you on eBay. EasyDealerz will take care of all the packing, shipping, and collection of payment. With EasyDealerz, raising money has never been easier or more fun!

When your donated items sell, we will send a check as a cash donation for the net proceeds of the sale to your school/organization, and send each donor a donation acknowledgment letter and a receipt to the donor.
It's as simple as that.

We'll also promote your fundraiser on our website, and work with you to publicize the event in your community.

To schedule an EasyDealerz.com auction drive, please contact the
Fundraising Program Team at fundraising@easydealerz.com, or call (951) 522-9600.

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