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You bring your product to the local EasyDealerz Store. Easydealerz will inspect your product and let you know if it is acceptable for sale. We keep a small service fee which is deducted from the final sale price, eliminating any upfront cost with our basic service.
Bring in items
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We will use our professional research tools to provide an effective listing for your item.
EasyDealerz takes high-quality digital photos of your product in our photo studio.
Our Studio
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EasyDealerz writes and designs a professional, attractive presentation for your item and places it on eBay. The listing will remain on eBay for 7 days.
We'll track the auction, and answer questions from prospective buyers. Meanwhile your items are stored in our secure warehouse until they're sold
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Once your product is sold when the auction closes, EasyDealerz processes the payment securely, takes out a percentage along with shipping and handling charges

If your product does not sell the first time, it is re-listed for free. If your item does not sell the second time, it can either be picked up or given to charity.
EasyDealerz carefully packages and ships your item to the buyer.
Bring in items
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EasyDealerz sends you a check.

If you would like the proceeds to benefit an organization, let us know at any time and we will forward them the proceeds. If the organization is a non-profit, we will send you a receipt so you may deduct the final selling price from your taxes.
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